My name is Sheri Khan, and I offer Hope, Support, and Guidance on your journey. As an LPC (Licensed Professional Counselor), I provide Chicago based Counseling. I work with clients who are experiencing Grief, Depression, Anxiety, Life Changes, and/or Relationship challenges and changes including Divorce. DBT and CBT are in my toolbox, and I routinely incorporate the power of Mindfulness.

Additionally, I am an EMDR therapist and utlize this powerful method to help clients understand and overcome trauma including trauma stemming from loss. 

I see clients on online and in-person in Chicago. 

Why do I this work? I must. After the tragic loss of my beautiful 9 year old daughter, Sofia, my life’s calling - my soul's contract - is to help you realize & believe that you're going to be OK - just like someone told me shortly after my world turned upside down. I returned to school (Yikes & Yay!) and earned my Masters in Education, Clinical Mental Health (MEd), and I now do this work in honor of Sofia’s generous, joyful and kind spirit. Read more about our beloved Sofia!

All of my work is grounded in the “radical” idea that we get to choose our responses 
to whatever comes our way. Even when the circumstances are shattering.

There’s no denying that sometimes those whatevers are nothing short of shattering and life-altering events with the drop-us-to-our-knees kind of heart pain. Our opportunities for healing increase immeasurably when we recognize that our responses can be made with intention. When we intentionally choose to heal, when we intentionally decide that we are going to be OK, we are already well down the road to recovery and the return to joy!

Loss, tragedy and unexpected change are part of our human experience that no one truly escapes. And those who have found their way back to lives truly worth living have made intentional choices to get there!

So, the question becomes What choices are you making
… And are those choices leading you to a return to joy?

Dear one, may you reach toward healing. May you be safe, may you be healthy, May you be happy, and May you live with ease!

My best,

Sheri Khan