Sheri Khan, LPC

As a therapist focused on Loss & Grief, I offer Hope, Support, and Guidance on your journey just as others offer me.

After the tragic loss of my beautiful 9 year old daughter, Sofia, my life’s calling - my soul's contract - is to help you realize & believe that you're going to be OK - just like someone told me shortly after my world turned upside down.

I now do this work in honor of Sofia’s generous, joyful and kind spirit!

My hope for you is that you feel not so alone in your grief... there are people who understand, who get the heartache, including me. 

My hope is that you give yourself permission to feel what you feel...and to reach out for support...we are in this human experience together!

And, I hope you can attend our Remembrance Ceremony, our annual event where we join to honor our loved ones, and stop by or volunteer for our next Back-to-School Drive. It's amazing how healing helping & serving others can be!