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What are your Values?


Your Values represent what's important to you in life. Knowing your Values helps you understand what drives you, what you enjoy, what inspires you & what you'd like more of. By building a life & lifestyle around our values we create a life that is satisfying and meaningful to us. Some of your Values might change over time, and deepen as you understand yourself better - they are always moving. Download the Values List below now to reflect on the Values that you currently hold as well as the Values you wish to. When your values are clear to you, making decisions becomes easier. -Roy E. Disney What are your Values Worksheet

What are your Values?2018-08-05T21:08:47-05:00

Grief Healing with the Four Tasks of Mourning


4 Tasks of Mourning - PDF download It is oftentimes helpful for those who are Grieving and working toward Grief Healing to learn and adopt a framework for their Grief. There are many Grief theories, and I imagine I've studied quite a few. J. William Worden's Four Tasks of Mourning happens to be the one that resonates with me the most and what I teach. The idea of Tasks is different than the idea of Stages, and it's an important difference so hang in with me. Stages imply a linear path to healing; I start in Step One, accomplish that and move onto Step Two, accomplish that and move on, and so forth. Never do I revisit stages, so once

Grief Healing with the Four Tasks of Mourning2019-08-26T11:41:56-05:00

My Healing Year in 3 Steps


One of my favorite Mantras is to begin with the end in mind popularized by late author Stephen R. Covey whch is about the idea that you envision in your mind what your eyes cannot yet see. This intentional visioning of who you want to be and what you want your life to look like empowers you to create a clear destination. When you don't know where you're going and how you're going to get there, you'll definitely get somewhere... by default and not by intention. Beginning a new calendar year can be a powerful time to hit the Reflect Button so you can create a solid vision as you move quickly into 2018. The impact of using these ideas in your life as a Griever can be profound! Committing

My Healing Year in 3 Steps2018-08-05T20:46:29-05:00

Make the Investment to Heal


How are you taking gentle care of yourself today on your grief journey? Pause for a moment and think of the real ways you are investing in YOU. Oftentimes we stay fully invested in the business of life & grief and neglect the restorative, healing work that our hearts long for. We avoid the work because it is like a wound, painful to touch. No one can promise that healing work is pain-free - it's just not - yet I can assure that despite the pain, healing is worth it. In this moment make the investment in you - - - take several deep breaths and repeat these phrases, gently and lovingly to your heart: May I be safe

Make the Investment to Heal2017-10-05T22:44:50-05:00

Facebook Group – New & Private Community!


I'm pleased to introduce you to our new private grief support Facebook Group. To help provide grievers a private online community to find support and offer support to others, I've created a closed Facebook group. Only members of the Facebook Group will see what you post! The Facebook Group offers more timely support when you most need it. It is our growing community for grief support using social media that many of us use daily. There is no doubt we can find much healing comfort in sharing our stories and our experiences with others. And just as important is our abilities to listen to others. I hope to meet with you there! And, remember, check out other ways to

Facebook Group – New & Private Community!2017-07-16T20:59:21-05:00

Complicated Grief


Have you heard of Complicated Grief? I really hadn’t until I began educating myself on loss and grief. And, really, isn’t all grief complicated, messy, unpredictable and like nothing else you’ve ever experienced?

Complicated Grief2015-12-16T20:56:35-06:00

2 Actions to take after a Loss


Not long ago I was contacted by a woman who had recently lost a close family member to a drug overdose. She asked what I recommend that might help the young person’s mother. Below is part of my reply. I’m posting in hopes it is helpful to others as well. ….Two actions to take after a loss:

2 Actions to take after a Loss2015-12-15T19:02:11-06:00

There are no grief stages


Believe when I tell you that there is no such thing as grief stages. Grief stages implies that we live in Stage 1 for a bit and then we move on to Stage 2 and onward with NO going back, moving around, falling out, and living in-between. If only Grief were this simple and straight-forward. It’s just not.

There are no grief stages2015-12-15T18:54:55-06:00

Project Sofia


Today we announced Project Sofia in honor of our joyful Sofia! Sofia's class is graduating 8th grade this year, and to honor Sofia's joyful and generous spirit, each student was given a $100 bill to use to help someone - or many someones - smile in anyway they choose. Our only request is that they share how their $100 was used by the end of the summer. This really will be the last time that we will have Sofia's class together as they are all heading different directions for high-school and then to life! We wanted to do something special and continue to pass on Sofia's joyful spirit and her trademark "smiles are for free." What better way to

Project Sofia2015-12-15T19:12:14-06:00

Coping with Hurt Feelings


Today I had the honor of working with a 1st grade class on coping with hurt feelings as outlined in the Feelings Lesson Plan.When we talked about the healthy things we can do when our feelings are hurt or when we are angry or sad, their answers ranged from “Take a nap” (my favorite) to “Jump on my trampoline.” We used a balloon to demonstrate what happens to our hurt feelings when we don’t let them go in a healthy way – – – we can pop! The answers are all within us – no matter how young we are. It’s only a matter of being open to being guided to find them and listen to them. Kids

Coping with Hurt Feelings2015-12-15T19:09:29-06:00

The Top 5 Regrets of the Dying


According to the Guardian News Report, the top five regrets of the dying are: I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me. I wish I hadn’t worked so hard. I wish I had the courage to express my feelings. I wish I had stayed in touch with my friends. I wish that I had let myself be happier. Bronnie Ware, a brave Australian nurse, counseled dying people and recorded their “dying epiphanies.” (Ware wrote her observations into the book, The Top 5 Regrets of the Dying.)

The Top 5 Regrets of the Dying2015-12-15T19:03:55-06:00

The Case for Grief Support in Schools


Did you know – *7 out of 10 teachers have a student currently in their classroom who is grieving. This is incredible – but I bet if you asked a teacher, they already know it. Children are so often the forgotten mourners and I believe strongly that they can experience hope and healing when they have the opportunity to grieve in the supporting presence of others who share the same pain. – Gary McWhorter Author Gary McWhorter states it perfectly! Our children are easily forgotten in the midst of grieving. They grieve in their own unique ways just as adults do, and they need special attention and focus. I so strongly believe that if we successfully offer grief

The Case for Grief Support in Schools2015-12-15T19:09:02-06:00

The Myth of Closure


Out of the numerous harmful myths about grief, the myth of closure has to be one of the most common. If we are grieving, how many times were we told at the funeral that now we have closure and can get on with life? As if a funeral magically stops the hurt. The idea that closure exists – out there somewhere – puts us on an endless search. We don’t know what it looks like or what it will feel like, we just know we must have it. And if we don’t find it quick enough there is something wrong with us! We believe, as everyone tells us, that once we have it, our grief ends. And, if

The Myth of Closure2015-12-15T18:55:50-06:00

Grief Solitude – 2 Ways to Help


Grief solitude is real! Grief is lonely. It’s not enough that the depths of grief can knock you to your knees in both mental anguish and physical pain, it’s profusely isolating. After losing my daughter in 2010, I could never seem to find the words to accurately describe how I was feeling. So, I simply said nothing. Despite my loved ones desperately wanting to support me, I just couldn’t talk.

Grief Solitude – 2 Ways to Help2015-12-15T18:56:56-06:00

Four Ways to Express your Grief


One of the most challenging parts of the grief journey is that the sorrow can become so tightly bottled up inside us that even when we want, need, must let it out, we don’t know how. The danger is that we continue day by day, never letting it release, until we are so, so broken. Consider that you can use creativity to express your grief – even if you don’t consider yourself “creative.” Just as there are infinite feelings we experience in our grief, there are so many ways that your originality can help express and release your sorrow. And none of them require an art degree. 

Four Ways to Express your Grief2015-12-15T19:00:03-06:00

The Weight of Grief


Some days the weight of grief is heavier than other days, and on those days, you just want to roll up in a tight ball in a dark corner, can’t speak, and let the tears flow and pour. And you don’t wake up from sleep thinking that it’s going to be one of those days; it just comes and hits usually from nowhere expected. The painful and tragic what-ifs and the should-haves consume your thoughts and for a while you live in the past when you were naïve and foolishly believed bad things happen to other people never to you. Those are the easy days you long for because today you know all too well that your entire world can crash around you in

The Weight of Grief2015-12-15T19:05:44-06:00
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