My Healing Year in 3 Steps


One of my favorite Mantras is to begin with the end in mind popularized by late author Stephen R. Covey whch is about the idea that you envision in your mind what your eyes cannot yet see. This intentional visioning of who you want to be and what you want your life to look like empowers you to create a clear destination. When you don't know where you're going and how you're going to get there, you'll definitely get somewhere... by default and not by intention. Beginning a new calendar year can be a powerful time to hit the Reflect Button so you can create a solid vision as you move quickly into 2018. The impact of using these ideas in your life as a Griever can be profound! Committing

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Project Sofia


Today we announced Project Sofia in honor of our joyful Sofia! Sofia's class is graduating 8th grade this year, and to honor Sofia's joyful and generous spirit, each student was given a $100 bill to use to help someone - or many someones - smile in anyway they choose. Our only request is that they share how their $100 was used by the end of the summer. This really will be the last time that we will have Sofia's class together as they are all heading different directions for high-school and then to life! We wanted to do something special and continue to pass on Sofia's joyful spirit and her trademark "smiles are for free." What better way to

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Four Ways to Express your Grief


One of the most challenging parts of the grief journey is that the sorrow can become so tightly bottled up inside us that even when we want, need, must let it out, we don’t know how. The danger is that we continue day by day, never letting it release, until we are so, so broken. Consider that you can use creativity to express your grief – even if you don’t consider yourself “creative.” Just as there are infinite feelings we experience in our grief, there are so many ways that your originality can help express and release your sorrow. And none of them require an art degree. 

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