Today I had the honor of working with a 1st grade class on coping with hurt feelings as outlined in the Feelings Lesson Plan.When we talked about the healthy things we can do when our feelings are hurt or when we are angry or sad, their answers ranged from “Take a nap” (my favorite) to “Jump on my trampoline.” We used a balloon to demonstrate what happens to our hurt feelings when we don’t let them go in a healthy way – – – we can pop!

The answers are all within us – no matter how young we are. It’s only a matter of being open to being guided to find them and listen to them. Kids prove this to me again and again with their wisdom! They “get” it and only need to be reinforced and reminded which is why this work is so important.

I was very pleased to receive positive feedback from the teacher who immediately asked what other programming I’m working on for the school. She shared the challenge of working with struggling students while maintaining class order and actually teaching the required material. My class visits and those of others who do similar work help relieve a bit of the pressure from the teacher and offer a very targeted lesson for the kids.

If you know of a teacher who might benefit from focused support (not just on coping with hurt feelings!), please contact me. I would be honored to help provide lesson plans and, if in the Chicago area, a school visit.