How are you taking gentle care of yourself today on your grief journey? Pause for a moment and think of the real ways you are investing in YOU.

Oftentimes we stay fully invested in the business of life & grief and neglect the restorative, healing work that our hearts long for. We avoid the work because it is like a wound, painful to touch. No one can promise that healing work is pain-free – it’s just not – yet I can assure that despite the pain, healing is worth it.

In this moment make the investment in you – – – take several deep breaths and repeat these phrases, gently and lovingly to your heart:

May I be safe
May I be healthy
May I be happy
May I live with ease

Memorize these phrases of loving-kindness to repeat when words are hard to find. Repeat when your heart is aching. Repeat to calm your mind and as you try to fall to sleep. Repeat and speak the words directly to your heart.