Remembrance Ceremony

3rd annual Remembrance Ceremony is scheduled for Sunday, Sept 12, 2021 at Sofia's Garden! After taking last year off due to the pandemic, we look forward to joining together as a community for our 3rd annual event to remember & honor our loved ones. 

We've created this annual event to remember those who have died thus empowering our own healing. If you joined us in past years, we very much hope to see you again in 2020 along with new friends!

For our 2nd annual Remembrance Ceremony on September 8, 2019, we met inside the Haas Park field house to write our loved ones names on strips of cloth. We then moved to Sofia's Garden to place our cloths high in the Garden's tree branches where they remain today. 

This event is always wonderful for kids, too, and offers a way to model healthy grief by how important it is to honor our loved ones!

I hope you'll join us for our 3rd annual Remembrance Ceremony on September 12, 2021

Kindly drop me an email at with any questions and make sure to join the Newsletter so you'll be kept informed of this event and others.

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